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New Options More Opportunities (NoMo) is a holistic and comprehensive site-based program that offers an array of program supports that are scheduled and facilitated in a manner that best engages youth through several core components. 


Since its establishment, the primary purpose of NoMo has been to utilize existing resources and partnerships to exact change. Playing off of slang, NoMo! means no more drug abuse, no more teen pregnancy, no more illiteracy, no more violence as well as all the other negative stereotypes that plague our youth. But it is really felt through a passionate rap/chant: 


NoMo! Teen Pregnancies
NoMo! Drug Abuse
NoMo! Illiteracy
NoMo! Violence
NoMo! NoMo!

All negative stereotypes that plague the youth of our city - NoMo!

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart and soul of NOMO and are involved in all of our programs. Our volunteers are a diverse group that brings to our organization a wide range of experience, talent and energy. The support of volunteers and their dedication to our work has helped our organization to grow and our youth to prosper. For information on volunteering with NOMO, please contact us using the Volunteer button below.

We are currently in need of volunteers to help in the office doing clerical work, as mentors to our youth, and in working with us to raise funds and support. There are many reasons to volunteer, not the least of which is that your time and talent will make a huge difference in the life of someone who needs just what you have to offer!



Remote Workforce Development Program (Covid-19 Preparedness) 

Facilitated Conversation: NoMo staff facilitates conversations that will focus on soft skill and life skill development and exploration with NoMo Youth. The calls will last 45-60 minutes. They can answer a variety of questions including career choices, Covid-19 updates and other topics. These conversations occur daily. (Afternoon and Evening options)


Video Call Setup: Each staff facilitator uses either Zoom, Google Meet, and Google classroom as the method to conduct the facilitated conversation. Each facilitator shares the call information with the Executive Director, so that observation can take place.

Group Cohort/Peer Network Model: Case Manager are assigned to a group of youths to supervise and support as we make the shift to the virtual NoMo model. Soft Skill/Life Skill dialogue are facilitated by the NoMo Case Managers.

Financial Literacy: Our Financial program is designed to ensure that All NoMo Youths practice proper spending habits via a predetermined budget plan designed for the participants specific needs. This plan will be developed by the participant and their Case Manager. In addition, The NoMo Youths are educated on money management techniques and building a strong credit profile.

Essential Needs: Every NoMo participant is provided with all of his/her essential needs including: hygiene products, food, shelter, technology (Covid-19 Virtual Learning) and educational resources.

Tutoring: Our tutoring program ensures all NOMO youths are managing and understanding their remote educational assignments as well as their virtual workforce development classrooms.


After School Program

NoMo! is meant to give the youth of the city, especially the disenfranchised, hope and encouragement, something many of them have been missing since birth. This is achieved by going to schools, churches, block parties and other venues, and putting on events like magic shows and rap shows. The objective is to overflow the minds of the youth and open their eyes to other paths in life which don’t involve drugs or alcohol. The other purpose is that through these teachings the youth will take away something to carry with them throughout their life.


Our After School/ Out of School Program happens at various locations throughout the city. Typically, we conduct programs in churches, community centers and schools. A number of different tactics are used to engage youth and encourage positive behavior focused on nutrition, bullying, hygiene and physical education.


Summer Camp Program 

The main goal of our summer camp program is to teach young people to appreciate that health of mind and body is a sacred gift and that physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . . 

  • Have the opportunity for program choices which address the development of mind, body, and spirit and be able to describe why that balance is important.

  • Experience outdoor physical activity and be able to describe information they learned about fitness and physical health (water, healthy eating choices, sunscreen, safety, stretching, balance)

  • Develop an awareness of their own ability to make educated decisions in daily life and discuss possibilities for positive choices at school, home, and globally.


Mentoring / Advocacy Program 

The NoMo! Mentor Program seeks to help children and youth from challenging and vulnerable circumstances develop the assets necessary to make healthy life choices, set realistic goals, act with determination and ultimately build vibrant successful lives for themselves through direct contact and relationships with caring and positive adult role models. The program’s mission is to provide schools and communities with trained volunteer mentors to be positive adult role models for youth.

Court Advocacy Support:
Our Advocacy and Support Program provides a wide range of services to at-risk children/youth and their families. This purpose is grounded in the belief that children are best developed into productive adults in a permanent home and that a family represents the most desirable home environment. In turn, if a family receives our services we work to help the family preserve itself in a responsible manner and to provide the child with love and nurturing guidance.

Specific Services:

  • Individual and Family Assessments

  • Family and Individual Supportive Counseling

  • In Home and Group Parenting and Youth Age Related Education

  • Youth and Caregiver Support and Peer Groups

  • Caregiver Skill Building

  • Family Building Events

  • Court Advocacy and Legal Referrals

  • Linkage to Career Counseling and Public Benefit Assistance

  • Educational and Vocational Advocacy and Support

  • Addiction Education

  • Health Awareness

  • Crisis Support

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