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New Options More Opportunities (NoMo) is a holistic and comprehensive site-based program ​that provides comprehensive anti-violence programming that provides participants with increased confidence and improved social/emotional skills that lead healthier individuals, increased family stability, decreased substance abuse & criminal activities, and a clear path to success. 


Playing off of slang, NoMo! means no more drug abuse, no more teen pregnancy, no more illiteracy, no more violence as well as all the other negative stereotypes that plague our youth. But it is really felt through a passionate rap/chant: 


NoMo! Teen Pregnancies
NoMo! Drug Abuse
NoMo! Illiteracy
NoMo! Violence
NoMo! NoMo!

All negative stereotypes that plague the youth of our city - NoMo!

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart and soul of NOMO and are involved in all of our programs. Our volunteers are a diverse group that brings to our organization a wide range of experience, talent and energy. The support of volunteers and their dedication to our work has helped our organization to grow and our youth to prosper. For information on volunteering with NOMO, please contact us using the Volunteer button below.

We are currently in need of volunteers to help in the office doing clerical work, as mentors to our youth, and in working with us to raise funds and support. There are many reasons to volunteer, not the least of which is that your time and talent will make a huge difference in the life of someone who needs just what you have to offer!

Our Pathway Out of Poverty

To provide a safe space for children and teens to develop positive life skills and nurture their potential to break the cycle of poverty. Since 2010, NoMo has provided a comprehensive early intervention anti-violence program that offers:

  • tutoring

  • dropout prevention strategies

  • paid workforce development experiences with academic and occupational skills training and a focus on recognized credentials for in-demand occupations

  • leadership development activities, e.g., community service, peer-centered activities,

  • supportive services

  • comprehensive Individual and Family guidance and counseling, including drug and alcohol abuse counseling

  • Financial literacy education

  • Entrepreneurial skills training,

  • Career readiness training and preparation for entering the workforce,

  • Postsecondary preparation and transition activities

NOMO North 

NOMO North cultivates young people ages 11 - 16. Located at 925 N. Broad Street in North Philadelphia at the intersection of Broad and Girard. Young people enrolled in the program are required to be present at NOMO North Monday through Thursday from 3-7pm learning life skills, trauma informed care, financial literacy, and workforce development.

NOMO South - Vocational Training

NOMO South nurtures the minds of participants ages 17-26. Located at 1212 South Broad Street in South Philadelphia at the intersection of Broad and Federal. Participants partake in classes such as culinary arts, fashion design/branding, cosmetology, makeup and skincare, financial literacy, job resumes and development, music, and introduction to barbering. Young people enrolled in the program are required to be present at NOMO South Monday through Friday from 3-7pm. 

NOMO West - Tom Reed Village

The Tom Reed Village, located at 4077 Lancaster Ave, is our 23-unit youth residence for underhoused and homeless young adults and single parents ages 18-26.

Our residents have previously been homeless and come to us from the shelter system or the streets. Currently, we accept residents who are chronically homeless (i.e., two years of homelessness or one year of homelessness with a disability).

The Tom Reed Village helps residents gain independence and stability by providing comprehensive social, psychiatric, recreational, counseling, legal and other supportive services in a shared-housing residence.

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