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Our Mission

NOMO (New Options More Opportunities) Foundation’s mission is to provide a safe space for youth and young adults to develop positive life skills and nurture their potential to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision

Instead of getting stuck on problems and problem prevention, we move to nurturing positive outcomes; we focus on what young people need to thrive. From reacting to problems and needs, we become pro-active. We move from targeting young people either high risk or gifted to planning and creating opportunities for all young people. Instead of looking at young people as recipient of services and programs, we look at young people as resources, as partners who can make valuable contributions in planning and implementing activities. This also means we are moving from programs to a more community wide network of learning opportunities, interactions and activities.


Our Locations

NOMO North

North Philadelphia (Headquarters)

925 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19123

NOMO South | Vocational Training Center
South Philadelphia 

1212 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146

NOMO West | Tom Reid Village

West Philadelphia 

4077 Lancaster Ave,

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Our Leadership


Rickey Duncan,
CEO & Executive Director

​Email: Rickey

Rickey is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. he is also leads fundraising, marketing, and community outreach efforts.​


Chanice Smith,
Chief Programming Officer

Email: Chanice


Chanice oversees resource allocation, services, program, courses and curriculums for the youth of the program.



Dawan Williams,
Restorative Justice

Email:  Dawan

Dawan is responsible for Initiating and setting goals for programs according to the strategic objectives of NOMO. He is also responsible for planning the programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones and processes. Dawan reports directly to the Executive Director.


Felicia Pendleton,
Community and Family Engagement

Email: Felicia

As the Family and Communication Engagement Director, Felicia serves as a liaison with NoMo’s Community Partners, ensuring that NoMo youth are able to fulfill their goals and build successful relationships with mentors, peers, job placement and training sites, and their families.  

Our Board of Directors

Chairman - Jean Wright 
Vice Chairman - Samuel Staten Jr
Board member - Leigh Leonard 
Board Member - Chantal Love
Board Member - Carl day 
Board Member - Anton Moore 
Board Member- Jasmine Jones
Board Member - Ryan Boyer
Board Member - Brian Thompson 
Board Member - Jorden Howell

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